Wine filtration

Perdomini-IOC offers wine filtration solutions whether you use frontal filtration or tangential flow filtration methods. These solutions ensure that the resulting wine is a quality product, consumers are protected and costs are reduced. The filters offered by Perdomini-IOC allow winemakers to make a crystal-clear product without impacting the wine’s inherent sensory characteristics.

Perdomini-IOC is the exclusive distributor for Seitz filtration components in the winemaking sector.


Perdomini-IOC puts its technical and production know-how to its customers’ use by drawing up and proposing to them the most appropriate Hygiene Plan for their specific needs; the result is a final product which is safe to consume, high-quality and with a low environmental impact (Deco and Titan ranges). The cleansing and sanitizing products offered by Perdomini-IOC have been designed in such a way as to guarantee optimal cleansing and sanitization operations on the spaces and equipment used for winemaking, food processing and filtration.

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