Products for all stages of wine making

Professional biotechnologies for over 70 years

Perdomini-IOC offers a complete range of products for all stages of wine making, from the grape harvesting to wine bottling, as well as advisory and technical support services for the most ambitious projects in the field of professional winemaking.

What makes us different is that we help winemakers achieve their goals with totalrespect for local traditions, put our many years of experience and specialist know-how at the service of wineries and support wine producers throughout the whole process.

Perdomini-IOC is part of the Institut Oenologique De Champagne , the French
corporate group in a world leadership position in the field of producing and selling winemaking supplies and services. The IOC group has facilities in Italy, France and Spain and operations worldwide.

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Mannoproteins are a distinct yeast-derived type of polysaccharide, which are mainly used in winemaking for tartrate and protein stabilization, colour stabilization and astringency reduction. In […]

Microfiltration is the final stage of winemaking before bottling, so it’s essential to ensure microbiological stability beyond the final filter membrane. AutoM is the union […]

With the Traditional Method, wines are made sparkling by re-fermenting a base wine in the bottle. Tirage (the operation to bottle the base wine) is […]