EDIFYS™ is the brainchild of the IOC R&D group and has led to the development of two products designed to achieve wines with specific sought-after styles as early as the alcoholic fermentation stage. 100% derived from selected deactivated yeasts, the […]

Climate change and global warming are realities we have to face and which force us to find suitable solutions to deal with the consequences arising from them in various areas of life. In the world of winemaking, excessively hot summers […]

Since some years, the label of wines has become more transparent with regard to the presence or absence of substances such as sulphites, caseinates and ovalbumin, capable of triggering allergic reactions harmful to health (EU Reg. 1169/2011).   To provide […]

The use of the pesticides commonly found in vineyards is governed by laws aimed at protecting all the players in the wine chain, including the end consumer. However, despite these regulations, a certain amount – which varies in terms of […]

Enhance yeast wellness and optimise its capacity for aroma release From an idea conceived by the IOC group R&D team and developed in cooperation with Fondazione Edmund Mach in the Trentino region of Italy, comes NATJJATM, an innovative, 100% organic nutrient […]

Regardless of the sensory style of the wine (thiols, tropical fruits, amylic, white-fleshed fruits, floral, citrussy, etc.), one of the main objectives when crafting white or rosé wines is attaining a high level of aromatic intensity. The intensity of aromas […]

Mannoproteins are a distinct yeast-derived type of polysaccharide, which are mainly used in winemaking for tartrate and protein stabilization, colour stabilization and astringency reduction. In the world of winemaking, élevage sur lies is the term used for the process where, […]

Microfiltration is the final stage of winemaking before bottling, so it’s essential to ensure microbiological stability beyond the final filter membrane. AutoM is the union of a filtration system and a top-of-the-range Cleaning In Place system, designed to be installed […]

With the Traditional Method, wines are made sparkling by re-fermenting a base wine in the bottle. Tirage (the operation to bottle the base wine) is the operation which allows this secondary fermentation to take place in the bottle. The base […]

Flotation new products

In winemaking, flotation is a process which separates solid particles from the liquid environment of must. These particles migrate to the surface of the tank, forming a “lees cap”. Flotation is carried out before alcoholic fermentation, therefore is a preparatory […]