Officially approved in the past few years, the use of oak barrel substitutes in winemaking is a practice not many end consumers are aware of, but is becoming more and more popular with producers. These generally take the form of toasted oak wood chips for wine.

The relationship between wine and oak wood is vital for the active exchange of sensory and structural characteristics between the two materials: the colour and bouquet of the wine, its sensory profile and the overall wine stability are the main affected factors.

Bulk aging wine in oak barrels means carefully selecting origin, quality and level of toasting of the barrels. When it comes to oak chips for wine the same care needs to be taken to choose the right alternatives, in order to perform the same wine aging functions.

Perdomini-IOC presents the FeelWood line, a carefully crafted range of oak wood chips for wine making, made of quality oak wood from different sources and with different levels of toasting, designed to enhance precise sensory effects on wine production.

The FeelWood oak chips for wine come in a unique packaging solution: infusion bags with dividers to ensure homogeneity. FeelWood oak chips for wine provide specific sensory profiles and are designed to help the winemakers achieve the goals they’re aiming for.

Check out FeelWood, Perdomini-IOC’s oak chips for wine making.


Quality toasted oak wood chips for use in wine making

Oak wood chips for wine making: the advantages

Different oak woods lend different sensory characteristics to wines: this is of great importance in guiding wines towards specific sensory qualities.
Using oak chips in wine can have some remarkable advantages: better colour stability, increased protection against oxidation, a reduction in roughness and sharpness in the sensory profile, greater stability and protection against sulphur compounds.

How a wine soaked in oak chips evolves depends on a number of factors, including the characteristics of the oak wood itself and also how oak chips are toasted – this process must be carried out in conformity with specific regulations varying from each country.

Following a long-term research programme, Perdomini-IOC has carefully crafted a special range of oak wood chips for wine making, the FeelWood range of oak chips, with the aim of giving each product its own sensory profile. By testing many combinations in different
types of wine, we created a complete range of oak chips for both red and white wines.

The FeelWood oak chips for wine do not undergo any chemical or physical treatment, except for a controlled heating process which toasts the oak chips smoothly and evenly.

For more information about FeelWood oak wood chips for wine making and to choose the best oak chips for your wine making needs, find the Perdomini-IOC agent nearest to you!

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