Microfiltration is the final stage of winemaking before bottling, so it’s essential to ensure microbiological stability beyond the final filter membrane.

AutoM is the union of a filtration system and a top-of-the-range Cleaning In Place system, designed to be installed at the top end of the bottling line. It combines Perdomini-IOC’s long experience in the fields of filtration processes, cleaning and sterilizing with cutting-edge automation in order to provide cold microbiological stabilization with unprecedented levels of control over the process.

Thanks to the expertise we have built up in the field of filtration and our understanding of the mechanisms governing the various stages of the process, Perdomini-IOC’s AutoM system allows wineries to reduce filtration and running costs without compromising on the quality of the finished product. By optimizing the filtration, rinsing and sanitizing process and following appropriate protocols,  the lifespan of filtration components can be considerably lengthened. Processing sequences can be programmed, so that the processes can take place unsupervised. This leads to a reduction in both manpower and system downtime.

This system complies perfectly with INDUSTRY 4.0 parameters.

What advantages are there to having a system complete with CIP?

AutoM guarantees control and safety for bottling lines, providing cleaning, washing, sanitization and sterilization not only for microfiltration lines but also for the filler, rinser and corker.

Using specially designed microfilters for water filtration, microbiological control is guaranteed during the bottle-rinsing process. To ensure that the quality of the wine remains unaffected, all the components have been certified for food use, and all the process liquids, including the rinse water, steam and gas for the integrity test, undergo microfiltration.

What are the advantages to using AutoM and AutoM Duplex?

The distinguishing feature of the AutoM Duplex system is that it has 2 filtration lines, which means that all the necessary cleaning operations can be performed safely without causing interference to the filtration line currently in use.

With a double filtration line, you can perform cleaning, washing and sterilizing operations at the exact same time as production operations, leading to significant time-saving across the whole bottling process.

The other advantages of using the AutoM and AutoM Duplex filtration systems are:

Complete process automation optimizing production times

➢Calibrated washing, cleaning and sanitization parameters leading to a longer lifespan for the filtration components

➢ Production history and recording of operation trends in order to have constant monitoring of the trends seen at all stages of the process and to simplify maintenance and HACCP documentation

Automated integrity test to guarantee the microbiological stability of the wine

Compact design to save space, reduce loss of wine and limit water and energy consumption

➢ The exclusive design of the relief valve, which stops wine being lost

➢ In line with sanitary design standards to ensure maximum biological safety.

How does the software in the AutoM and AutoM Duplex systems work?

Thanks to their being equipped with a PLC and touchscreen interface, the AutoM and AutoM Duplex systems make it possible to bottle your product with the maximum in both biological safety and process efficiency.

The software installed in the systems ensures constant, repeatable microfiltration performances.

The broad range of running cycles available through the PLC (washing, sanitization and integrity test) can be programmed to allow the system to be used unsupervised. This reduces system downtime and makes it simpler to start up production.

At the end of production, the software enables maximum wine recovery by pressurising the system with gas.

The user-friendly control panel shows the process flow diagram and the main operational parameters.

What’s more, through remote monitoring performed thanks to a simple Internet connection, Perdomini-IOC can make sure the system is working completely efficiently and intervene in real time in the event of any difficulties.



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