Flotation units for use in winemaking can optimize the must clarification process, leading to significant advantages in the wine production process in terms of both quality and financial savings.

Perdomini-IOC flotation units for wine are compact, high-performance and easy to transport to the clarification tanks as being wheel-mounted. Wine flotation is a process involving the injection of flocculation additives and a dissolving gas into the must.

Perdomini-IOC flotation units are ideal for small wineries and grape farms that perform wine flotation on individual batches. Depending on the type of must, Perdomini-IOC flotation units for winemaking can be used simultaneously or sequentially.

Perdomini-IOC stocks two models of flotation units for wine clarification, both reliable, hard-wearing, versatile and easy to use: Quick’Up 100 (with a capacity of 100hl/h) and Quick’Up 300 (with a capacity of 300hl/h).

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Plant-based and chitosan-based products ideal for wine flotation


Flotation units for clarification of white, red and rosé wines


Why use a flotation unit in wine clarification?

Flotation units and the flotation process in general have become popular in winemaking, as an alternative to classic static clarification methods.

A wine flotation unit allows for swift and effective separation of the lees from the juice, leading to more successful alcoholic fermentation of the wine and a reduction in the oxidative and polyphenol compounds responsible for wine faults.

The different flotation method used on must can preserve the chemical, physical and sensory characteristics of the grapes intact, allowing the winemaker to achieve the best winemaking results with high levels of both quality and functionality.

Using a flotation pump in wine making has the following advantages:
– Reduction in the time and costs involved in must clarification;
– Ease and speed of transport, set-up and connection to the tanks;
– Choice of types and quantity of flotation adjuvants to use.

To choose the best wine flotation unit for your winery, contact Perdomini-IOC’s highly qualified winemaking technicians to ask any questions you may have about wine flotation!

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